Ani Gets Unscrambled:

By Kristen J. Lloyd and Jon Skidmore Psy.D.

The Latest Brave Adventure Arrives on June 22nd!

Ani can’t wait to collect Grandma’s eggs for the first time, but when disaster happens, Ani finds herself feeling very, VERY scrambled! 

Can Honeybee help her feel better?

We understand your concerns and empathize with your pain. Recognizing just what a hassle it can be to live in such a gluten-saturated world, we made it our mission to devise a solution.

Unscrambling Anxiety

From a Cow’s Perspective

Just like Kristen J. Lloyd’s previous book, “Find Your Brave”, Ani and Honeybee’s New “UNscrambling” adventure is destined to help many anxious kids feel more confident. 

It tackles this in three ways:

Calming Anxiety

When Ani first becomes anxious or “Scrambled”, Honeybee knows she needs to calm down. So they do something only a cow would think of. . .  

Transforming Ugly Thoughts

Ani struggles to see through her scrambled thoughts, so Honeybee comes up with a great way to help them fly away.

Fixing Mistakes

Once Ani’s thoughts are calm, Ani doesn’t know how to fix her mistake. Honeybee helps her realize that she has everything she needs, she just has to move forward.

When does the book come out?

June 22nd, 2024

“Ani Gets Unscrambled” Is in the final stages of production, and will be officially ready to ship on June 22nd. 

However, you can pre-order your copy for the early bird Price between now and May 15th!

“Kristen beautifully weaves a story that will assist parents/guardians as they encourage their children to find healthier ways to work through difficult emotions and situations. [ ] A perfect addition to any family trying to support children in learning how to feel and think in healthy ways.“

— Jamian A.

“In these times we all need help “Unscrambling”! This is a charming, beautifully illustrated book for all ages.”

—Karen B.

Behind the Adventure

Meet the Authors


REWRITE THIS — Kristen J. Lloyd is a singer/songwriter, author/illustrator, western performer, and motivational speaker based in Midway UT. She debuted in 2022 as an award-winning author/illustrator with her previous book “Find Your Brave,” and . Beyond her award-winning accomplishments, Kristen also engages young minds as a singer/songwriter through the “Find Your Brave School” assembly, encouraging kids to discover courage within themselves.

Dr. Jon Skidmore, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist, educator, author and singer. For decades he has helped children, teens and adults deal with the anxiety of life. He is on the faculty of the Brigham Young University School of Music and teaches The Psychology of Music Performance. His goal is to share the often-missing psychological tools that create freedom on stage and in life. His motto is Risk, Fail, Risk again!

How it All Started

 Curious about how Ani and Honeybee’s journey began? Their story goes much deeper than the books.

Kristen Found HER  Brave as an anxious kid with the help of a REAL cow named Honeybee. Her illustrations, original song, and performance in the video below shares their story.

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Kristen has since dedicated her life to helping others overcome their fears and anxieties as well, by using her talents to share Honeybee’s love and tenderness.

Ani and Honeybee are

Changing lives


“My grandchildren are always telling each other to find their brave. Beautiful book. Great illustrations. Wonderful message.”

— Linda W.

“My grandchildren love the story of Finding My Brave and the music even more. The cuddly [plushie also] reminds them that they too, can indeed find their brave!!!❤️”

— Janene

Cutest, sweetest book!! We got to meet the author and hear her personal story and she is so wonderful! I want to get this for all of my grandkids💛

— Aloha Lady

“I purchased [Find Your Brave] for my daughter for us to read together. She deals with some anxiety, so I figured it would be a good story for her about facing her fears. It’s a sweet and encouraging story. When it was over she stated a profound “Read it again!” And I think it will be read many times over in our home.”

— Amanda H.

“[Ani’s] story has become part of my family’s vocabulary. [ ] My adult daughter deals with an illness that requires her to have treatment that has really scared her. [She] has since decided to “find her brave” and accept the necessary treatment for her illness.  It is still very scary for her, but she is ‘finding her brave”.  Thank you Kristen!”

— Barbara S.

Fun Facts About

“Ani Gets Unscrambled”

Each book has a Song

The first book, “Find Your Brave” started as a song called “My Brave”. To keep with this tradition, Kristen wrote a song for “Ani Gets Unscrambled” as well, called “Butterfly Forward”. This song will also be released on June 22nd.

Dedicated to Grandma

Kristen’s Grandma raised her on the family farm, which is why Kristen is excited to feature Grandma in this book. Her Grandma also gave Honeybee to Kristen (knowing how much she loved her cow), which makes dedicating this book to Grandma even more meaningful. 

Paying it Forward

Psychologist Jon Skidmore Psy.D. changed Kristen’s life  when she first took his psychology class at Brigham Young University in 2017. Now they have teamed up to co-write “Ani Gets Unscrambled” together to make a difference!

Award-winning Pedigree

“Find Your Brave” received four children’s book awards in 2023. But the real reward is the hundreds of thousands of young lives who Found their Brave because of it. Our dream is to create that same impact with “Ani Gets Unscrambled”.

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