Hi, I’m Kristen And Here's My Story

“We may not have control over what shows up on this stage called life, but we can choose where to shine the spotlight.”

— Kristen J. Lloyd


5th Grade to College

Beginning as a 5th grader withdrawn from conventional schooling after her parents’ divorce, Kristen charted an extraordinary course of self-education on her Grandparents’ farm. Today, she proudly wears the hats of a thriving musician, artist, and Western entertainer, with a bachelor’s in Commercial Music from Brigham Young University as a testament to her journey. Through moments of doubt and anxiety, Kristen emerged with unshakeable confidence, a living testament that self-belief can surmount any hurdle.

Singer / Songwriter

With a voice that evokes the soulful resonance of Carole King, James Taylor, and Patsy Cline, Kristen’s award-winning song “My Brave” holds a special place. This song came to life during a time of personal fear and stands as a testament to Kristen’s triumph over one of her own greatest fears. It became the spark for her mission to harness art and creativity in inspiring bravery in others.

Author / Illustrator

Debuting in 2022, Kristen entered the world as an author/illustrator with her first children’s book, “Find Your Brave.” Inspired by cherished moments on her Grandparents’ Dairy farm with her cow Honeybee, her story has evolved into a multi-award winning masterpiece, with its title phrase now embraced as an empowering resource in countless households, guiding children to confront their fears.

Train Robber Training

Kristen’s journey into the spotlight began unconventionally, starring as the captured train robber “Krazy Ani” at the Heber Valley Historic Railroad. Little did she know, her “gunpoint” encounter with her future husband would become their love story. The act of singing for her freedom transformed her into a polished entertainer, charming audiences from around the globe. Now, she’s on a mission to transition from making kids cry to inspiring them to Find their Brave.

Honeybee the Cow

Honeybee is the cow who stood out among the herd, making an unforgettable impact on Kristen’s childhood. She provided Kristen with a peaceful escape from her anxiety, and helped Kristen see her own worth and the love around her.

Saying goodbye was tough when the cows moved to another farm, but Kristen’s drawings of them together kept their connection alive. Sharing their story with others now brings comfort and hope to those facing challenges. Honeybee’s legacy goes beyond their bond, inspiring bravery and healing in others.

The Honeybee Plushie

The Honeybee plushie a tender creation born from Kristen’s deep connection with the original cow. Originally designed by Kristen to mirror Honeybee’s comforting presence, this plushie serves as a tangible reminder of the solace and strength Honeybee offered to Kristen, and can now offer to kids.

It’s not just a toy; it’s an opportunity for those kids to become the genuine happy ending to the story because they’ve become the loving homes Honeybee was meant for all along. Just like in Kristen’s book “Find Your Brave.”

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