Empowering young minds with storytelling, music, and empathy
to embrace challenges and discover inner bravery

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Driven by a passion to uplift young spirits, Kristen’s mission is to empower students with the tools to embrace change, find strength in vulnerability, and cultivate a growth mindset that paves the way for endless possibilities in their lives.


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The “FIND YOUR BRAVE” Assembly


Parents and Teachers

Triumph Over Adversity: Unleash your Potential

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Turn Fear into triumph

Kristen’s Program

Kristen's Assembly engages and entertains in 5 key areas:

kristen helps kids learn that they can overcome challenges and “do hard things” through her relatable life story, and an exciting hands-on trick roping lesson.

Overcoming adversity

With a relatable story about learning to draw, and an entertaining, interactive drawing activity, Kids learn a fun way to use their imagination to calm their anxieties.

Managing Anxiety

In a captivating reading of Kristen’s original children’s book, kids learn about the power of friendship through a farm girl named Ani who “Finds her Brave” thanks to her friend, Honeybee the cow.

Friendship and Courage

The ending of the book “Find Your Brave” opens up a q&A opportunity for kids to discuss the concept of loss and learn strategies to process grief and change in a healthy way.

Dealing with Loss

Through a sing-along With Kristen’s original “Brave song” and her personal story about bullying, Kids learn how to “Find the Brave” inside them to help overcome their own challenges.


Engage their Imaginations.

Award-Winning Talent

3X Award Winner
2023 Purple DragonFly Awards

”Find Your Brave”
Children’s book

1st “pets/Animals” category,
2nd “Best Illustrator” Cagegory
2nd “best Picture book ages 4-8” Category

2023 Moonbeam Awards
Gold Metal

”Find Your Brave”
Children’s book and Honeybee Hug Bundle

Best “Book with Merchandise” Category

Children’s Book

Find Your brave

Kristen J. Lloyd

This heartwarming children's book is based on a true story that follows the journey of Ani, a farm girl who overcomes her fears with the help of a calf named Honeybee. Through Honeybee's guidance, Ani learns to face the dark, conquer her fear of spiders, and find courage to try new things. The book shows kids the value of friendship, determination, and how to "find your brave" one step at a time.


Honeybee Plushie

Handmade by Kristen J. Lloyd

Meet Honeybee, the adorable plushie cow from the book “Find Your Brave”. Made of soft Sew Lush fabric and filled with plush poly-fil, Honeybee is irresistibly snuggly—a comforting companion for children and even tempting for adults to snuggle up with. Embrace the joy of cuddles and the warmth of companionship with Honeybee, a cherished friend who spreads comfort, courage, and love.

What they say

Success stories

Ani [Kristen] is wonderful. She masterfully walk’s the line of engaging the students while still being able to manage them. It’s fun and crazy but also they have a chance to be serious and to think deeply about bullies and bravery. I was amazed by her story and she is so talented at storytelling, song, roping and guitar. The kids loved her and so did we. We laughed, we cried, we loved.

Ali Olsen

3rd Grade Teacher

Very upbeat, patient with the kids.  They were thrilled to have her in their classrooms!  The emotions of the cow was the most impactful. She relates to the kids who may not always “have it easy” at home. Definitely recommend!  All was wonderful.


Elementary School Teacher

I absolutely love having Kristen come and tell of her experiences growing up and how she found her brave.  It has resonated with so many of my students and given them hope.  I can visibly see how they bond with Kristen’s story of hope overcoming challenges.  When she reads her book, sings her song Brave and passes around her Honeybee stuffed cow, it brings so much joy to me seeing how my student’s react.

Barbara Shidler

Music Teacher


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