My Brave CD (EP) – Find Your Brave


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My Brave is a beautiful six song album about learning how to Find Your Brave. It’s full of clever lyrics, attitude, and heart, with catchy rhythms that will make you want to keep this album on repeat. Each song takes you on an emotional journey.

Cellophane wrapped three-fold Digipack with one compact disc.

Digital download included!

“My Brave” Music Video:


“Find Your Brave” the Children’s Book

Want to see the book that the song “My Brave” inspired? After receiving a significantly positive response to her song “My Brave”, Kristen decided to expand on the ‘Brave’ concept and create her first children’s book (written and illustrated by her). The result is this heartwarming book based on the true story of her Cow Honeybee who helped her ‘Find Her Brave’.

Find Your Brave is a children’s book that can help kids face fears, and help an anxious child Find Their Brave too.

You can also watch the song “My Brave” with all of the illustrations here.


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